The Hive of Sedgefield Clinic

The Hive Sedgefield
The Hive Sedgefield

Whats the idea? 

JWFOOTCARE is proud to offer a clinic at the Hive of Sedgefield. The Hive is a charitable organisation that is the hub of the local community. 

The shop at the hive sedgefield
Food bank donations at the Hive Sedgefield

Why not pop into their community shop or make a donation to support this vital work.

To book in for a foot treatment, simply pop into the shop and speak to the volunteers or contact JWFOOTCARE directly.

The quiet room at the Hive Sedgefield
Make a donation at the Hive Sedgefield
Shop at the Hive Sedgefield

Community Spirit

 7 Rectory Row, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees TS21 2BL

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